۱۳۹۱ فروردین ۷, دوشنبه

My Dear Mom!

I was here:
when you went to bring me food,
when you left home with your white sandals,
when they killed you only because of your sandals.
In this dark room, I am thinking why I am still here?
Why can I not go to the street and play with my brothers?
Why every time I ride a bicycle secretly, I fall down because of my long dress?
Why must I wash my brothers’ clothes while they go to school?
Why does my father ask me to hide myself, my body,
but calls my brothers lions and their bodies golden?
But once, I was happy.
I am a golden bird, who wants a chance to fly for my dear mom.
I was an angel for her when I was in her arms.
When I saw the worry in her eyes I asked myself why?
They took my dear mom from me
And now I can’t look in her eyes and see myself.
Without you where should I go to sit near someone?
Who will call me again “my dear” and clean my tears?
Still, I am here in this dark room
But I promise you, my dear mom, I will not be in this darkness anymore.
I won’t let them take a mother from her daughter.
We are not letting them any more.
By Masooma

To my Mother!

Your relatives made you cry
But they loughed at you.
Your family made you cry
But they left you.

Don't be upset
Don't be angry!
I will be with you,
Every time, every where.

Just pray for your weak daughter
Becaue your praying will be the strongest supporter of her
  she hopes to be a good doughter for you!
Just trust her.....

By: Kamilah!

۱۳۹۰ اسفند ۱۸, پنجشنبه

An Evening With Nelson Mandela!

If I could spend an evening with someone in history, I would choose Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela is a politician who worked tirelessly for getting the freedom of his people from the clutches of an evil system called apartheid. He taught his people how to fight against injustice. He taught them not to accept oppression and never be oppressed or lose hope. He was imprisoned many times, but he continued his struggle and protests against his oppressors. After a long and hard struggle he got the freedom of his countrymen and proved that all people should have equal rights no matter what the colour of their skin is and that there are no differences between them. He was a perfect example for those who want freedom and justice in the world.

If I could talk with Nelson Mandela, I would like to know about his strengths, vision, his motivation and his successes and achievements and I would ask him what gave him his remarkable courage. I really want to learn about the key of his success.

When I read about Nelson Mandela, I learn how to be a real inspiration and fighter for our country, our rights and dignity and work honestly and sincerely for our people. I learn to never accept oppression or injustice. Everyone is able to battle against injustice and get her/his freedom and build a bright future for her/his people. He was the politician who had the strongest positive effect on me and someone who completely changed my thoughts. It was only then that I decided to be an honest and inspiring leader for my people.

Writen by: Kamilah Ataee