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Quran Should be in Our Heart!

 The result of first protest against Nato Soldiers in Kabul:

Some soldiers burned the Qoran,and, some Afghan people killed their compatriot and others wounded themselves in expressing their anger against these Americans. Thirty people were wounded and ten people were killed in this protest.  It means ten families lost their breadwinners forever, and the breadwinners of thirty families cannot work for a while.  This is a disaster for the families. 

This reminds me of the Saffeyen War between Moaviye and Imam Ali, peace be upon him.  A Division of Moaviye’s was losing. Most of his division had been killed, so Moaviye asked his assistant Amroas to find a solution that would make Ali, peace be upon him, make peace with them. 
Amroas said, “Go and ask your division to put the Qoran on the top of their spears and tell Ali’s Division that The Qoran is something we have in common. We follow the Qoran, so  if you are Muslims, you must stop the war out of respect for the Qoran. 
Imam Ali said, “Do not listen to them as this is a trick. They want to cheat you. I am Qoran Natigh, a Qoran that can speak with people.”
But the army of Ali stopped the fighting as soon as they saw Qorans on the top of the enemy spears. They returned to Ali and asked, “Can you not see the Qorans? Why do not you accept their invitation to peace we do not want to fight with them anymore. If you do not make peace with them, we will kill you.
The division of Ali made peace with Moaviye’s Army. But who is Ali that he introduces himself as a Qoran? Ali is a person who understands the meaning of Qoran deeply.  The Qoran is just paper if we do not try to understand it. The Qoran must be in our souls and minds not the pages of the Book.  Today I see the history of Islam being repeated. This is the reason for our misery.

Writen by: Narges Noori


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