۱۳۹۱ فروردین ۳۱, پنجشنبه

I’m not Seyah-Sar (Black Head) !

In my society the women are humiliated in various ways; one of them is “Seyah-Sar” which means black head in English. Those male and some of female who are using this phrase, they think women are feeble-minded and don’t have the same value as men. The people are using this phrase from long times ago. By calling Seah-sar, the women feel humiliation. 

When I go to the bus station, I hear that the conductor of bus shouts and tell to the bus driver: Stop the bus because here is seyah-sar. By hearing this sentence, I stop my walking and prefer to don’t go by that bus, and then I hear that he is cussing me. But I walk back to the street and trying to ignore their words. Then I wait for some more minutes and thinking about seyah-sar’s phrase which hurt me a lot.  
Whenever I go to the bank to take money, the person who is cashier, suggests to a man and says; can you change your turn with this seyah-sar please? He accepts but usually becomes so angry. I get so disappointed but I can do nothing. I can’t change the bank as easily as I can change buses. I take my many and go out from the bank with lots of confusion. 

Sometimes I’m thinking about this phrase (seyah-sar) a lot, and why men should humiliate a woman by this phrase. I’m asking myself why, in my society, being a woman should be a crime? Always, Lots of questions swarm in my mind, but no one can give me acceptable answers and no one can convince me by their answers. Sometimes, when I’m thinking a lot, my mind stops working and then, I prefer to help my mother instead of thinking about a long road which doesn’t have an end.   

I dislike those men who call women seyah-sar. Their mother, sisters and their daughters are women too. They don’t even know the worth of their mother who trained them, taught them the way of living and took care of them for a long, long time. I know that fighting against these humiliations will take a long time but the women should be united and work hard for a bright tomorrow. Women can take care of each other and feel each other’s problems. They, together can cross the long road in a short time.  


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