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Pure or Impure Muslim?

Recently, I had a discussion with an Arabic guy. He kept telling me that he is a pure Muslim because he is from Saudi Arabia and Islam was born there. I didn't want to argue, but I had some questions for him. I asked the follow questions:

1: Do you why Islam was born in Middle East? "No". He said.
2: Why do you think that you are a pure Muslim? "Well, because Muhammad was an Arab from middle East, and also Mecca is there". He said.

I was not surprised by his answers because this is what Most Arabs think. I do not blame them either because of their lack of knowledge about Islam and humanity. Islam was born in Arab countries because the ignorance was ruling there, women were being buried alive and because of  many other crimes which were common between them. Islam was born there to teach them the humanity lessons, and awake their intellect, but everything occurred oppositely. By spreading Islam in other countries, Arabs institutionalized its culture not Islam or Allah's message that's why Muslims are still lost and do not know what to do.

Today, Muslims locked Allah inside Kaba, and do whatever they want by the name of Islam and Allah. Some of these Arab Muslims believe that that being close to Kaba makes them closer to Allah, and the problem starts from here when you take out Allah from your heart and lock him in Mecca, or search for him in the skies. This is when you keep a distance between you and your God.

Don't talk to your God only 5 times a day where you go for praying, Namaz. Talk to him all the time, no matter where you are, where you stand. Your heart is a Mecca, you do not to turn your face toward Mecca to pray, put your hand on your heart and talk to your God. Don't take your hands up to sky to pray talk to Allah, but on your heart. Purity comes from you not from where you are belong to. Allah/God is always with you even if you are not with her/him.

I just wanted to share my experience and tell this that there is no pure and impure Muslim, but the one who has her/his God in her/his heart not high in the sky or inside four walls of Kaaba.  The religions were born to teach you the humanity, love, honesty, kindness and make you aware of all the differences in order to learn and know about each other.   

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